This past week I did a “boost” ad for my Facebook page entitiled Gourmeli’s Taste.  I have since received an abundance of new readers and many new people that have liked the page.  I thought it an opportune time to fill some new peeps in on what The Gourmeli’s Taste brand/blog is all about.   It has a little to do with my style, my flavor and my family.  I chose this tag line with the help of my good friend Tim, because it encompasses what I am as a person, chef, mother,  wife and friend.  I wanted to keep it real and focus on many things that occur in my every day life, not necessarily cooking.  I think the majority of my blogging focuses around cooking and recipes but on occcassion I may throw in an everyday life experience that I want to write about.  “Style” could mean a multitude of things.  Such as ones style in clothing, shoes or cars.  It can also mean a style of cooking that you are accustom to.  “Flavor” also has multiple meanings…flavor as in how one choses to season a dish or make it tasty.  Flavor can also be ones zest for life!  And finally “Family”.  Family is very important to me.  It is a bond that can never be broken.  I enjoy writing about my family whether it a funny anecdote about my kids, a vacation I took with my husband or a blog post about my mother.  They all help me get through the day with much humor, laughter and love.

I hope you enjoy reading my page and viewing my posts.  I am slowly mastering my photgraphic skills with the help of my sister (professional photographer) in my food pics.  I am honing in on my recipe writing skills to make it as easy as possible to find the ingredients and get that dish out on the table for dinner before the kids scream “I am hungry whats for dinner”.

Happy reading, cooking and here’s to your flavor for life!!!